Blanc Chateau

170 Bld de Stalingrad - 69006 Lyon
+33 (0)6 24 96 69 39

2008-2011 Blanc Chateau

Blanc Chateau designs, manufactures and distributes tradition products set in the realm of automotive mechanics.

Today, Blanc Chateau distributes worldwide its BMW328 Collector's Car. Hand-made in Lyon (France) following the rules of arts and crafts, our products are the expression of our passion: passion for the work of steel,  aluminium, leather; passion for the know-how of the people whose skills transform the raw material into artefact; passion for a lifestyle of which elegance is an essential element.
Manufactured strictly according to the settings of the car industry, our children's cars come to enrich the history of families, being passed on of generation in generation.
Moreover, Blanc Chateau remains yours  to conceive and personalize in the bespoke models of Junior automobiles of your choice.


 Our company was created in 2005 by Mr. Christophe Blanc, in partnership with Bérard SA and Ms. Alina Chateau. The BMW 328 project is the output of a fruitful cooperation between Bérard SA and BMW AG in Munich. Thank you to everyone who made it a success.


Manufacturer and distributor of cars for children, or junior cars, we are industrial and commercial entrepreneurs, based in Lyon, France.