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In 1936, BMW creates model 328, and wins at Le Mans. A legendary car built in 464 units only, it never lost its appeal to sports cars enthusiasts worldwide, thanks to its unrivaled aesthetics. A BMW 328 Collector's Car, scaled 6/10th, is now available under license from BMW AG.

Hand-made in France, it's one of the most exclusive toys this season. Buy it for you or for your kids, it's the best answer to the financial crisis !

Contact us for pricing. We deliver quickly everywhere in Europe.

Find out about the colors
Black / Polaris GreyBlack / Polaris Grey
Black / Polaris Grey
Black / RedBlack / Red
Black / Red
1936 Original colors1936 Original colors
1936 Original colors
Red / Polaris GreyRed / Polaris Grey
Red / Polaris Grey
Black / Chamonix WhiteBlack / Chamonix White
Black / Chamonix White
Brown / Polaris GreyBrown / Polaris Grey
Brown / Polaris Grey
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